Ok this page is just an experiment in self indulgence,

                    a sort of biography in pictures

I plan just to put some of my favorite pictures of myself and or just some of my favorite pictures here:

Ok, obviously this is one of my favorites as it is my home page picture

Me and Dannelle

This is me and Dannelle at my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary so I would have been just 49 years old.  I put this on my site in 1999 as one of my first pictures.

It showed what We were like, and what I wanted this web site to be all about.  Love and happiness.  Joy and jubilation and Praise to God.

Now lets go back in Time just a little....


This is taken from our Pre-commissioning brochure which would have been 29 August 1970



me on the uss reeves

Ok here is a good Polaroid shot of a young (probably 22 years old) me playing chess with a Shipmate on board the USS Reeves DLG 24 off the coast of Vietnam. 

That would probably be around 1970 or 1971.



This is one of the best pictures I have of the Reeves....

DLG-24 emblem

This is the USS Reeves Emblem I helped design.  While on the Pre-commissioning Detail

That's right I had artistic talent back then.

Me and Zumwalt

I did two pictures of Admiral Zumwalt Jr. and I was fortunately able to present them to him in person while attending our

 EM club at Pearl Harbor.

You can click our picture above to go to information about him on wikipedia.org

Jack and Me

Ok, this is My best friend Jack Cassidy and Fellow shipmate.  Along with me and a picture I did just for the fun of it.

I think it might have been done from a Playboy Magazine picture, too long ago for me to remember, but I was just captivated

by her pictures so much so I did this Pastel Portrait of her, who every she may be...

I am glad to pass the mantel of artist on to my brother Cliff's son Jeral Tidwell who's art work can be seen at


his art work is nothing short of awsome!

Just more proof,  We have a lot of talent in the Tidwell family

Let's jump ahead to Friday January 19th 1996, when Dannelle and I got hitched. 

We made a good looking and happy couple.  After 20 years we Still do...

Here we are walking back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Tidwell


We had a Western Style / Themed Wedding and it was wonderful.


We both really enjoyed our our wedding and have many fond memories we shared with friends and family...



Here I am with my Carolina Girl at our favorite Myrtle Beach, SC vacation spot.

  Dannelle and I

 and why do I love the beach so much??............. 

me body surfing

Here I am doing my favorite activity, body surfing at Myrtle beach.

Of course my life was not all play, I did have to work for a living like everyone else, this is my work horse....

The Cushman with my wagon load of tools and parts I needed at Burlington Industries Reidsville Weaving Plant.

This was around 2001.  I really enjoyed that job.  Was proud of it and new I was very good at it.  Alas they left ....


This was us around that same time July 8th 2001, gee I was trim and fit then.... She was, as she still is great looking.


My daughter Beth, me and my wife Dannelle; Fathers day June 2010.

Me Dannelle and Beth


My wife Dannelle and my daughter Lisa, in Washington DC at the Botanical Gardens...

Dannelle and Lisa


                                                                             This is just another experiment, didn't know how it would turn out, but I liked it enough to post it here....


          This Collage is mostly of me but of course I have my wife by my side and she is on the back of the 4 wheeler in the picture on the bottom left.
          Then above that picture is a picture of Dad with me.


                                        Here I am now with our Grand kids, I call this picture the Happy Pirates:


Connor the Barbarian "11", Jax the Pirate "4" and Teagan the Karate Princess "8" and of course me "68" in the back

                                                             They do help keep us young.....



From left to right, Teagan, Dannelle with Alfie, Connor and Jackson.

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