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  A Tribute in Honor of:    
    Our Men and Women

in the US Armed Forces

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12 May 1962 - 12 Nov 1993


For almost eight years I served this country in the US Navy.  I was proud to serve but ran into many that thought I should be ashamed because we were wrong to be in Vietnam.  The lack of support by our Nation was the most discouraging element of my time of service.  May we as a Nation, never do that to our Men and Women in the Military, ever again!


I am the Flag

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day,
is a day to remember those who have died
in our nation's service.
In 1971, it was declared a national holiday
to be held on the last Monday in May.

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No Nation, nor it's Military is perfect, but our Great Nation and this our Modern Military is as Good as it gets!  No, other Nation, No other Military could have done what our Military Personnel did since Sept. 11th 2001. I know that our success did not depend entirely on our Military but God. He and He alone Blessed this Nation with the Good Men/Women, the Brave Men/Women who served and continue to serve our Country because they believe that God has sent them to serve in Battle so that is where they serve. So this page is for them. The Men and Women that stand in harms way, because it is simply their job, and they will do it to the best of their God given ability.

I salute you.

Thank You ALL


Operations Specialist 1st Class
Vincy W. Tidwell Jr.

The Cajun Cowboy

This is a picture of

USS Reeves DLG 24

Later CG 24

Anyone with any more Information about her and or her crew let me know.

I served on her 1970-73 off the coast of Vietnam for two tours of duty as an

Electronic Warfare Specialist.

Contact me at:


Sites I know about:


Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

Now How about this Modern Navy

The USS Reeves DLG then a CG since retired has now evolved into a guided missile cruiser like this the:

USS Anzio CG 68

check its stats and other

United States Ships at:


Excerpt below taken from:


check it out below:

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  The Cajun Cowboy

Served on board her 1974 - Nov 76 as
The Leading Operations Specialist

      St. John's UMC

Tidwell Family



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I will remember you, WTC tribute!


For a Tribute
to our Local

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The Local Police, Firemen & Rescue Workers who serve in Harms Way every day.

      Go Navy at: 

...Go Marines at: 

Go Army at: 

Go Air Force at http://www.airforce.com/


He Still wants you!


Other Patriotic Tributes to our Flag and Country

The Star Spangled Banner

Picture, caption follows

The Baltic Sea, June 5, 2001 The guided missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68) heads a formation while departing the Polish port of Gdynia during the exercise BALTOPS 2001, a maritime exercise involving 14 nations. In addition to training, the exercise promotes regional cooperation among participants. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Shane McCoy. [010605-N-6967M-501] June 5, 2001

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