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Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation.

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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 110
  by Petersen

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Evolution Opposes Christianity:
    There is No Compromise

Evolution contradicts the biblical record of a finished creation.

The creative process is not now operating.  God rested
(Genesis 2:1-3).  Evolution supposes a continuous
creative process.

Evolution contradicts the doctrine of fixed and 
distinct kinds.

Evolution supposes a constant change back to a common
ancestor.  All flesh is not the same (1 Corinthians 15:38 &
39).  Biogenesis (life begets life) is seen as "like begets like."

Evolution is inconsistent with God's omniscience.

It is all chance and errors in genetic translation to
successive generations.
  God is orderly and is not the
author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33).


Evolution contradicts the universal principle of decay.

Cursed is the ground (Genesis 3:17)  The creation is
waiting for release from death (Romans 8:21).  The
law of degeneration, disintegration, and increasing
entropy is universally observed.  The molecule-to-man
philosophy is an illusion that ignores all the genuine
evidence of nature.

Evolution  produces anti-Christian results.

A corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit (Matthew 7:18).
Evolution is at the very root of atheism, communism,
relativism, racism, anarchism, and all manner of anti-
Christian practices.  Dangerous and deadly social problems
are deeply rooted in the purposelessness of materialistic
evolution: suicide, promiscuity, abortion, and chemical
abuse, just to name the most obvious.  Evolution has
played a major part in reducing how humans think of 
themselves.  Obvious problems are: low self-esteem,
animalistic behavior, and depression due to a feeling of
meaninglessness in life.




Definition:  "An event or action that apparently
contradicts known scientific laws."

A few Miracles Christians Believe In:

   1.  A Supernatural God exists ("supernatural" means
        existing outside the known laws of nature).

   2.  This Supernatural God has the ability to create the
        universe (all energy and matter) from nothing.

   3.  This Supernatural God has the ability to design an
        orderly universe.

   4.  This Supernatural God has the ability to create life.

Miracles Atheists Believe In:

   1.  Matter and energy created itself from nothing
        (violating the first law of thermodynamics)

   2.  Life originated from non-life (violating the law of

   3.  The universe began as disorder (the big bang) and
        became orderly over time (violating the second law
        of thermodynamics).

Both Christians and atheists have faith in miracles'
What kind of "faith does atheism require? 
What about Christianity?


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