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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 111
  by Petersen
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Scientific Law & Principles
That Support Creation And Contradict 
The Theory of Evolution

Which Model of Origins Complies with the 
Natural Laws of Science?

Creation Model:  What we observe today is the result of
   intelligent design, intelligent planning, and purpose.  A
   Designer and Planner used means beyond the natural
   laws of science (supernatural).  Plants and animals are
   offspring from parents of the same kind.  They do not
   have a common ancestor.

Evolution Model:  What we observe today is the result of 
   chance events and long periods of time; there was no
   design, plan or purpose.  Most (not all) evolutionists say
   there is no designer or planner behind everything.
   Everything originated through natural processes subject
   to the natural laws of science.  The idea of supernatural
   intervention is rejected.  Plants and animals descend
   from a common ancestor.

states that in a closed system (such as our universe),
energy and mass are conserved; energy and mass are
neither created nor destroyed.  Energy and mass
cannot originate from nothing.

Evolutionist believe energy and mass did originate from
   nothing "billions of years ago."  Evolutionism violates the 
   first law of thermodynamics.

Creationist believe energy and mass could not have
   possibly originated from nothing by natural processes.
   Creationists say the origin of energy and mass was not
   natural but supernatural.  See Genesis 1:34 & 14-18.

BIOGENESIS:  The fundamental principle of biology
is biogenesis, which states that living organisms
ONLY come from other living organisms  (life comes
from life).

Evolutionist say living organisms CAN and DID originate
   from nonliving matter by natural processes (remember,
   the first law of thermodynamics says mass and energy
   cannot self-create; now the evolutionist believes that
   nonliving matter and energy not only  originated from 
   nothing, but mixed together and started life!)  "Life
   cannot arise by spontaneous generation from inanimate
   material today, so far as we know, but conditions were
   very different when Earth was only a billion years old"
   (quote from Biology, Nell Campbell, page 504, 1987).
   Evolutionism violates biogenesis!




  Creationists say life cannot and never did originate by 
   natural processes.  Creationists say life originated from a
   supernatural source.  See Genesis 1:11-27.

with time, a closed system (like our universe - the 
earth is not a closed system) will become more 
random and disordered.  Over time, energy will be
"less available,"  (less able to do useful things like
work).  This law explains why we are running out of
useful (not total) energy.  For example, useful energy
(gasoline) is converted to non-useful energy (heat).

Evolution Model:  billions of years ago, the universe began
   from a few particles and evolved upward to make human
   beings.  The universe became ordered and its useful
   energy increased by natural processes (which violates the
   second law).

Creation Model:  the universe never became more ordered
   over time, and its available energy never increased by 
   natural processes.  The universe was created with order
   by supernatural plan (Genesis 1: 1-31).

CAUSE AND EFFECT:  The most basic scientific
principle, fundamental to all the branches of science
and philosophy.  Cause and effect requires that an
observed event can be traced to an event that
preceded it.

Creationists believe the universe has a "First Cause" (God).
   Atheists believe in NO "First Cause" for the universe.  All
   scientists accept the principle of cause and effect
   EXCEPT  those who reject a Creator.

Evolutionists think their belief is scientific and that the
   creation position is unscientific faith.  In the study of 
   origins, the evolution model clearly contradicts the 
   natural laws of science, while the creation model
   complies with those natural laws.

Questions You Should Ask:  1. Why do you believe in the
   theory of evolution? (The BEST question to ask) 2.  What
   is the best scientific evidence you have that supports the
   theory of evolution?  Please don't be vague.  ( Don't be
   satisfied with vague answers like "because of biology and 
   fossils."  Try to get specific examples of why they believe
3.  Do you realize the evolution model for origins 
   violates the laws of science? 
4.  What scientific laws do
   you know support the theory of evolution? 
5.  How did
   life originate?
6. Do you believe in spontaneous generation?
   7.  How did energy originate?  8.  How did mass originate?
9.  Is everything from design or accident?  10.  What
   caused everything? 
11.  Is there a cause?



Scientific Law:

Creation Model

Evolution Model

First Law of Thermodynamics AGREES CONTRADICTS
Second Law of Thermodynamics AGREES CONTRADICTS

Unlocking the Mysteries Of Creation        111  

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