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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 14
  by Petersen

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 How Is Your 
Computer Programmed?

What Is True 

Isn't science suppose to deal with reality? Isn't it the study of FACTS as they really are? Pure science analyzes The Real World.  But wait!  How much of popular science is loaded with speculation and guesswork?   Much of it is based on the presupposition that the creation originated by chance.

Are we really willing to program Our Computers with pure knowledge? Can such knowledge even be found?  Can the truth be known?  Many would challenge you on that. Remember Pilate?  Before Jesus, he mocked, "What is truth?" (John 18:38).

Presuppositions: ideas assumed true without question or proof from the beginning of one's consideration of a subject. When presuppositions are based on untenable impossibilities and denial of absolute truth, the rational results are predictably non-sense.

Where is true knowledge found?

The wisest man ever (King Solomon ) said:
"The fear [reverence] of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."  Proverbs 1:7

Did you notice Solomon did not say that a bachelor of science degree is the beginning of knowledge?  Yet how many well-meaning families are guided by that assertion?

Our minds are the most intricate computers imaginable.  When we go out and look at anything in our world, we can only evaluate it on the basis of what we've already learned or heard, and accepted.  Have you ever heard the phrase from computer experts. 

"Garbage In ....
Garbage Out"


If you put misinformation in 
your computer, won't that 
confuse both your thoughts as
well as your beliefs about most
everything?  Do you think the devil 
knows that?  Why do you think that old
sidewinder has such a heyday when it
comes to the world of education?  This
is why it is absolutely imperative to find
out the presuppositions of your teachers
before you adopt a corrupt interpretation
of the knowledge you learn.

Someone once said: "How hard, if 
not impossible, it is for the heart to
accept what the mind rejects!"

If we think we have to rationalize
parts of God's Word because we
think it's a fable, then how can we
seriously believe the rest of it?

The whole Bible is built on
the foundation of Genesis.
why do you think there 
have been such
deceptive attacks on
truths like the six-day
creation, the global
Flood, and many
other supernatural 
events in Genesis.

THINK! What's the outcome 
of a foolish premise?

Eccl. 10: 12-13 (Living Bible)
states: "A fool's speech brings him to
ruin.  Since he begins with a foolish
premise, his conclusion is sheer

WORDS" in a way similar to how
 our mouth tastes food? Job 12:11

Are we not failing our own sense of 
discernment when we fail to examine
closely the foolish premises and conclusions 
of so-called "men of science?"


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Printed by permission from
Dennis Petersen ~ Awesome Works
"Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"


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