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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 24 & 25
  by Petersen

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How Long Were Each  of the Days of Creation?  

In Genesis 1,  the days of the creation week are 
each separated by the phrase,  "the evening and
the morning were the first day ... second day ... "and
so on.  These are descriptive boundaries that
certainly make sense to us.  They would have
been quite clear to Moses as well, with nothing
more assumed than the straightforward meaning
of the phrase.  But what makes an evening and a
morning?  You might say "the sun."  But the sun 
wasn't created until the fourth day along with all
the other stars.  Even without a sun, how would
you determine the length of a day?  Is it not by
the rotation of the earth?  If you were on another
planet the length of your "day" would be  determined
by the rotation speed of your planet.

Of course, with only a modest knowledge of
scriptural history, the implications of this would
lead anyone to naturally conclude that God said
"let there be light" for the first time only about
6,000 years ago.  Some find this too implausible



because of the pre-conceived idea that the
universe must surely be much older that that
(there's that computer programming garbage
surfacing again).  So you might hear the assertion:
"Isn't there some place in the Bible where a
day is described as a thousand years long?" (as
if the Bible had to make an explanation for its
apparent mistake)

In the Apostle Peter's second epistle in the New
Testament we find:

"Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one
day is with the Lord, as a thousand years, and a
thousand years as one day." 
             2 Peter 3:8

Does Peter say a thousand years is only a day
long?  Of course not!  And notice he's saying
"with the Lord."  And what's the context?  Notice
he's talking about judgment to come!  Clearly,
Peter is driving home God's patience with man-
kind and His over-arching presence outside the
limits of time.  This is not a declaration of the
length of the seven days of the creation week.

So, does God's Word anywhere give us 
an idea of the length of the Genesis 
days of creation?

It's in Exodus chapter 20 when God is thundering
the Ten Commandments out loud to all the
Israelites at Mount Sinai.  In verse eight He says
"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
Now why should we do that?  Going on, He gives
us the basis for the commandment.

"Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work"
[Hebrew word for day here is "yom"].  Exodus 20:9

(page 25)

Why a six day work week?

"For in six days [same root word. "yom"] the 
Lord made heaven and earth, the sea.
and all that is in them ...."               Exodus 20:11

Do you think God could do all that in 
six literal days?

Let's face it.  He could have done it in six seconds
if He wanted to, but He says He did it in six
days!  Our trouble is in not recognizing God's
power.  Have we created a puny concept of the
Almighty Creator?

Think!  If one of those days 
god is talking about here 
really is a thousand years long,
have we ever got a long work
week before Saturday comes!

Before we try to fit biblical
creation days into any theory
requiring long ages for 
Earth's gradual evolution, we
better take a serious look at
the problems caused by such
an attempt.  God's revelation
is clear and makes it
impossible to accommodate
evolutionary concepts.

According to the Bible:

1.  Earth existed before all stars!

2. Daylight existed before the sun.

3. Water covered the earth before
    the dry land appeared.

4. Complex fruit trees existed
    before jellyfish.

5. All plants existed before the sun.

6. Birds and whales existed before
    all land creatures.

7. Man was made before woman!

The Genesis account simply cannot fit with
the evolutionary timeline!

(page 25)

But what about all those stars that are
millions of light years away?

Good question.  The reasoning goes that in order
for us to see the stars whose light supposedly
took millions of years to get here (at the present 
speed of light) the stars themselves must have
been there for millions of years.  Right?  Well, let's
think a minute.

Why did God create the stars in the
first place

Remember they are there for the benefit of those
on the earth. Did God have to 
wait for millions of years to 
achieve His purpose?

Think!  If your God is power-
ful enough to create the stars
themselves, do you think He
might be able to make their light
beams instantly appear on the
earth?  Could the light have been
created to travel at an infinitely
faster speed when the creation 
was very good?

HOLD ON, someone may say:
"But doesn't that create
a misleading ....

Think!  How old was Adam
when God created him?  No 
matter what stage of physiological
development he had at the moment he was
created he would have had some appearance of
age or, or perhaps we should say, and appearance of
In reality, God made Adam and Eve
fully able to bear offspring and have dominion
over the earth from the beginning.

Did God create seed, seedlings, or fruit
trees with mature fruit on them and seed in
Read Genesis 1:11-12.

Solomon wisely observed:

"God hath made every thing beautiful in his time:
also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no
man can find out the work that God maketh from
the beginning to the end."              Ecclesiastes 3:11


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