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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation  page
47" by Petersen



Juvenile Water:

When volcanoes erupt on the Earth today as much as 20% of the erupted material is
 water! This water has come from deep beneath the crust of the Earth, where, 
being under very high pressure, its temperature was extremely hot. This water 
soars into the atmosphere as steam and soon condenses down as rain.

This water has never been on the surface of the Earth before so it is called
 juvenile water. Each time another volcano erupts there is more water
 being added to the oceans; water that was never there before.

THINK! What information can be gained 
from a process like this to tell us something
about the beginning of things?


Scientists have observed volcanoes erupting at the rate of about a dozen
each year. Altogether it has been estimated that their total output of
 juvenile water amounts to roughly one cubic mile.

By simple mathematics we can now easily calculate backwards to find how 
long it would take to produce all the present water on the Earth.

How much water fills Earth's ocean, lakes , and streams today?

340,000,000 cubic miles!

Figure it out now. At the rate of one new cubic mile of water
being added each year it would take 340 million years to completely account for the origin of all Earth's surface water. 

What's the implication?  

Based on just this one method alone, the logical 
conclusion is that there were no oceans at all on 
the Earth 340 million years ago

But wait!

According to the traditional evolutionary chart of Earth's history 
340 million years ago was smack in the middle of the "age of fishes!" 

Do you see the problem?

Keep in mind that the popular idea of the origin of life assumes that the
oceans were essentially full of water at least two thousand million years ago!

(This is my Note:)

Seems that those fish must have had legs!


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