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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation  page 54" by Petersen

Bristle-cone pine tree

Can living Things Verify Earth's Age?

What is the Oldest living Thing on Earth?

Most of us have heard about the antiquity of the giant redwood trees in California. These massive living towers have grown up to more than 300 feet tall. Some of them were already 2,000 years old when Jesus Christ ministered in ancient Galilee.

But there are other plants alive today which date back farther yet.

The twisted and weather-beaten bristle-cone pine trees cling stubbornly to life in one of the most hostile environments on Earth where life can exist. In the White Mountains bordering California and Nevada, high in the arid desert, these rare and rugged trees have been growing for about 5,000 years! Their annual growth rings have been studied to give a reasonably accurate idea of their beginnings.

Because of the hardiness of the Bristle-cone trees it is fair to say that they will likely go on living for additional thousands of years, barring any catastrophe that would remove them.

The question arises logically: Why don't we find a grove of trees somewhere in the world dating back to 8,000 years, or ten or fifteen thousand years? If trees like this have lived 5,000 years they could have certainly lived longer.

It's almost as though all these trees were planted on a virgin Earth just 5,000 years ago!

The Bible gives a clear historical record pointing to the global flood about 5,000 years ago.  With the entire Earth desolated, it stands to reason why the trees of greatest longevity would date back only to that time and no farther.



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