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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation  page55" by Petersen


Our New Beginning 

It has only been a few short weeks since I started e-mailing out "Today's Evidence" and I am now e-mailing it out to over 100 addresses.

I have enjoyed it, and have been spiritually rewarded and have now received my first worldly reward. Dennis Petersen the Author of "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation Vol. 1" not only approves of  this Ministry he has sent me a copy of his Newest "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation" book and has ask that all further references be from it as the older version is no longer in print. Hopefully I will soon also get a copy of the CD (as I ordered it) and be able to use it along with the book The old copy of "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation Vol. 1" which is in like new condition will be given to our Church's new Church Library. 

Thank You Dennis, I only hope, I can continue to do the good work God has planned for me.

Yours in Christ
Vincy Tidwell Jr.


How Many People are there, really?

What do population studies show?

One of the most revealing "clocks" deals with the growth of Earth's population down through time.  Dr. Henry Morris brilliantly addresses the subject in his book, Scientific Creationism, which is highly recommended.  Consider the following facts Dr. Morris has gathered.

THINK! If man has been on Earth for a million years, as evolutionists believe, why is population explosion only recently becoming a problem?

Today - Worldwide

  • Families average 3.6 children

  • Population grows 2% annually

FACT: The present population would have developed from a single family in just 4,000 years if the growth rate were reduced to only 1/2 per cent per year or about an average of only 2 1/2 children per family per generation.

That's a fourth the present rate of growth.  It would easily allow for long periods of no growth due to famines, wars, epidemics and natural disasters.

What does the evolutionary framework have to offer?

Evolutionists insist humans have been populating the earth for a million years! Do you have any idea how many people there would be on earth in a million years, even if the population growth rate was reduced to one fourth the present annual average (or a scanty 1/2 per cent a year)?  With a supposed million-year history of man there would have been an incredible 25,000 generations (at 40 years each).

Even more incredible is the fact that the final total of people amounts to only the present population of about six billion.

Does this fit the statistical facts?

How big would the population be now if it increased only 1/2 percent per year for a million years?  In other words we would have to insist that there be an average of only 2.5 children per family for 25,000 consecutive generations.

At that rate the present population would be represented by the number 10 with 2,100 zeros after it!

Obviously, that is impossible.  If you filled the entire universe with tiny electrons, you could only pack in the number 10 with 130 zeros after it!

Even if a million years of man living on the earth could somehow produce only the present population, how many people would have lived and died in all that time?

It would have been at least 3,000 billion people!

THINK! Where are all the bones and artifacts? That's at least a couple of dozen graves for every acre on earth! But ancient bones and artifacts are extremely rare.  It seems that the facts line up directly with the biblical model for man's origin.

A basic study of biblical history reveals that the Genesis flood happened less than 5,000 years ago, when every human being outside the ark is supposed to have died.

The most accurate verifiable studies of human history place the origins of cultures like Egypt and China back less that 5,000 years ago.

The growth rate of human population fits naturally into a creation and Flood framework.  The evolution model has absolutely no reasonable solution to offer.

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