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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 84 & 85
  by Petersen

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The Two Laws Explained 

FIRST LAW:  Energy is conserved.

All existing processes of nature merely change energy from on form to another.  In nature, energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Matter itself (which is potential atomic energy) is maintained at a constant level.  Processes change matter and energy from on form to others but the total quantity of energy in the universe always remains the same.

SECOND LAW: Energy dissipates.

As processes in nature occur, the total energy available is reduced to simpler forms with a consequent increase in what has been termed "entropy."  As energy is used it becomes less available for further use.  Part of the energy spent to produce something is always dissipated by radiation, friction, etc.  It dissipates in space as non-recoverable heat.  Ultimately, as things are going (and without God's intervention), the entire universe will end up filled with useless, stagnant, low-level heat energy.

Thermodynamics and Scripture

No discovery of true science takes God by surprise.  We should expect that, in His wisdom, there would be hints of these truths found in His Word, the Bible.


1. The first law speaks of a total creation, originally completed, and now sustained by God's power.

2. The second law speaks of the curse of decay and death, brought on by man's sin, and causing an overall degeneration in everything.

The First Law in Scripture
The "conservation principle" of the first law of
thermodynamics is easily understood in the context of a completed creation that is now being sustained by the Creator.

"... All things were created through Him ..." (past tense; notice it is not a continuing process).

"... in Him all things consist" (Greek word for sustain; i.e. nothing is lost from it).  Colossians 1:16 & 17

"... He made ... upholding all things by the word of His power."  Hebrews 1:2 &3

"... by the word of God ... the present heavens and earth ... are reserved ... kept in store ... "  2 Peter 3:5 &7

"... He commanded ... created ... established them forever."  Psalm 148: 5&6

"... He ... created... not one faileth."  Isaiah 40:26

"... Lord ... made ... all things ... preservest them all." 


 and The Bible



It is clear from Genesis chapter 1 and the first three verses of chapter 2 that whatever methods God used to create were stopped then.  "He rested from all His work" and called it "very good."  (Genesis 2:2 & 1:31)

The Second Law in Scripture

The "decay principle" is consistent with the entire Scripture in light of the curse in Eden.

"Even they will perish (the starry heavens), but Thou (God) dost endure; and all of them will wear out like a garment..." Psalm 102:26

As Romans 8:22 says: "the whole creation groans and suffers ... "  This seems contrary to God's original purposes for a creation that He called "very good."  Death and decay was obviously not intended to prevail as it does now. Nor will it dominate the universe in the eternal kingdom as described in Revelation 22:3.


The result of man's sin described in Genesis 3:17 has even affected the ground, the very elements of the physical creation, including the dust of which Adam was made.  The second law began then.  Before that, some higher law of perfection and preservation must have been in effect.  Such supernatural care was indeed ineffec5t at least partially during Israel's 40-year episode in the wilderness (See Nehemiah 9:21).

The Bible makes clear the fact that the second law is not permanent.  The Creator himself has promised that the curse of decay is not endless.

" ... creation ... will be set free from ... the bondage of decay."  Romans 8:21 (RSV)

"... no more curse ... "  Revelation 22:2


  • The second law proves that there had to be a beginning point once in time, or else all creation would be dead by now. The universe cannot have an infinite past.

  • The first law proves that a Designer must have created all that exists, because no process in nature creates anything out of nothing.


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