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Today's Evidence
From "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"  page 92 & 93 
  by Petersen

The Complexity of the Single Cell
Not so long ago, the single living cell was called the "simple cell." But not any more!  The bulk of the cell body was thought to be a jelly-like mass of  what was called "protoplasm" (which simply means "living substance").  In 1963, Dr George Palade, of the Rockefeller Institute in New York, discovered there is more to it than meets the eye.  He found an amazingly intricate system throughout the protoplasm.  Today it's called the "endoplasmic reticulum" (E. R. for short). This vast labyrinth of incredibly fine tubes and chains of minute bags totally permeates the entire cell body.  The E. R. has been described as one of the most complicated and beautiful structures in the universe.  Another long-held concept of modern science has crumbled.  The idea that molecules just bang around haphazardly in the jelly-like protoplasm has been discarded in light of new discoveries.


Scientists today tell us that the single cell
is more complex than a large city.

As in a city, so it is in a cell.  Systems are working and jobs are being done by the thousands.  But unlike cities, the cell functions perfectly with no breakdowns!


The adult human can have as many as 100 trillion of these walled cities.  Think of the systems working constantly:

  • design structures
  • energy generators
  • invasion guards
  • transport systems
  • food factories
  • protective barriers
  • waste disposal systems
  • communication links within 
    and outside the cell city


All these functions must work in harmony with each other and with the surrounding cells via communication links to maintain the health and fundamental activity of the cell.  Typical cells contain thousands of specific proteins that are vital for life.  Each protein is a chain made from up to  1,000 amino acid molecules in specific sequence.  No cell could ever operate without exact parts that had to exact parts that had to exist and function together from the start.  Even the parts are too complex to function without intelligent plans.

Some Amazing Insights

THINK! How important is the "skin" of a living cell?  The  surface membrane of a cell is amazingly delicate but very " powerful" in its control of the cell system.  It's less than a third of a millionth of an inch thick!  It controls the entry  and exit of everything for the cell.

It behaves as if it had the sense of taste and smell.  When a desirable molecule floats by, the membrane forms a little "finger" that reaches out and pulls the needed nutrient inside.  Vital chemical enzymes coat the skin of the cell, transferring information to and from other  cells.  The cell could not survive without these enzymes functioning precisely as they always do.

Molecular Machines That Manufacture 
Their Own Replacement Parts  
(We could sure use this at work.)  (See Cell Town USA -->)

So here is a microscopic "city" filled with super tiny machines that replicate themselves automatically.  Thousands of different protein compounds are needed in every cell to do this.  All of them are made of chains of amino acid compounds, mathematically precise.


(What gets me is that every city I know of is working to get better but this Cell Town, is already as good as it gets! I guess that is because man did not create it nor can we, even if we have all the chemicals in the right portion and in the right place as in a dead or dying body, we still can not get it to work!) That is because life is more than just the chemicals that make up our bodies!

RNA molecule is the messenger in the metropolis of a cell.  It looks like DNA, but has a passport to leave the nucleus.  With incredible speed the RNA molecule acts like a computer printer.  Let's see what happens.

  1. The master DNA and the messenger RNA intertwine in a split second.

  2. The DNA instantly imprints a section of its code on the RNA, and then separates from it.

  3. The RNA rushes to the edge of the cell city to transfer its code to enzymes, making copies one after another in rapid-fire succession.

  4. Each enzyme is commissioned by this code to do a particular job somewhere in the larger organism.

Another Mystery

The whole mass of cells within a body communicates by RNA.   According to experts, they "somehow cooperate" to act like a dog, a fish, a man, or whatever the organism is supposed to be.  That "somehow" is the insoluble mystery to secular scientists who choose not to begin their research on the factually solid foundation of God and His Word.

 "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!"
Romans 11:33

A Curious Note

Scientists have discovered that DNA is found in the nucleus of All Living cells with the exception of red blood cells and a few certain viruses.  Isn't it strange that the one component that science now calls the "mysterious basis of All life" (DNA) is NOT in the place God's Word tells us where life is found?

"The life of the flesh is in the blood ... "   Leviticus 17:11

"How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!"   Psalm 139:17

"It is astonishing to think that this remarkable piece of machinery, which possesses the ultimate capacity to construct every living thing that ever existed on earth, from giant redwood trees to the human brain, can construct all its own components in a matter of minutes and weigh less than 1016 grams.  It is of the order of several thousand million million times smaller than the smallest piece of functional machinery ever constructed by man" (until man invented nanotechnology). 

Cell Town USA

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