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These are Links to the Past 18 "Today's Evidence" e-mails I have sent out. 
They are arranged by Page No. If you missed them just click on the Link 
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What is Evil?  or  Why does God allow Evil?
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1. Page 12 
    How Important Is The Biblical
    Concept of Creation? 

2. Page 14
    How is your Computer

3. Page 15
    Does God Expect Us to Take
    His Word at Face Value?

4. Page 16 - 17 
    What Should Our Attitude be
     as we study Creation?  

5. Page 18
    What Really Happened 
   "In the Beginning"
    According to the Bible?

6. Page 24
    How long were each of the
    Days of Creation

7 . Page 47
    Juvenile Water

8. Page 49
    Oil Deposit Pressure

9. Page 50
   Interplanetary Dust

10. Page 52
    Rivers tell a story too.

11. Page 54
    What is the oldest Living
    Thing on Earth?

12. Page 55
      What do Population Studies


13. Page 56
      The Earth's Magnetic Field.

14. Page 70
      Is There A Gap of Time in Genesis?

15. Page 75
      Origins by Dr. Wernher Van

16. Page 78
     Can good Science embrace
     Bad Theory?

17. Page 79
     Is Evolution Scientific?

18. Page 84 - 85
     Thermodynamics and The

19. Page 92
     Complexity of a Single Cell.

20. Page 110
      Evolution Opposes Christianity

21.  Page 111
       Scientific Law & Principles
       That Support Creation And Contradict 
       The Theory of Evolution

21. Page 113
     Gecko's Toes Use Atomic 

22. Page 192-193
     Time Line of the Ancients
     [on St Johns Web site]


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