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The Minerals You Need

           "  The Minerals You Need, "
                    by Roger Mason:

Minerals: RDA Amount: But never Bio-available forms: Major Synergists:
  more than:    
1.) Calcium * Less than1,000 mg Calcium carbonate and citrate Magnesium, Boron, Strontium,
and vitamin D
2.) Magnesium*1 400 mg Magnesium citrate, lactates or oxides Calcium
3.) Iron 10 mg W 18 mg Iron sulfates, fumarates, and gluconates. Copper, and Zinc
4.) Zinc 15 mg 50 mg Zinc sulfates, citrate or oxide Copper, and Iron
5.) Boron NO RDA      3 mg Boric acid Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, and vitamin D
6.) Manganese 2 mg Manganese sulfates or oxides
7.) Copper 2 mg Copper citrate, gluconate, or cupric oxide Zink, and Iron
8.) Silicon NO RDA 10 mg Silica gel (Silicic acid)
9.) Iodine 150 mcg Potassium iodide
10.) Chromium 120 mcg Chromium salts or chelates
11.) Vanadium NO RDA 1mg Vanadium chelates, and vanadyl sulfate
12.) Molybdenum 75 mcg
13.) Selenium 70 mcg 200 mcg Selenium chelates 400 IU of mixed tocopherol Vitamin E
14.) Germanium NO RDA100 mcg Germanium sesquioxide
15.) Strontium NO RDA     1 mg amino acid chelate or asparate Magnesium, Boron, Calcium,
and vitamin D
16.) Nickel NO RDA 100 mcg
17.) Tin NO RDA 100 mcg
18.) Cobalt 6 mcg
19.) Cesium NO RDA 100 mcg Cesium Chloride
20.) Rubidium NO RDA     1 mg

* The RDA for calcium of 1,000 mg is unrealistic?
a far more realistic RDA would be 400 mg based on 
*1 Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in human nutrition.
the diets of billions of people
who eat little or no dairy and have much better bone health
than us.
These are the minerals you need as recommended by Roger Mason in His book "The Minerals You Need"
for more information go to his web site at:  

I present this on my site, at the given permission of  Roger Mason.

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