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Cajun Humor by a Real Cajun Woman 


Latest Picture:

Some have been asking

for a more updated picture

of me and my wife,

well here we are

at the beach April 28th 2002.

Now if you compare this picture with

the one with me standing by my daughter on page 6

then you can see the difference that loosing 50lbs can make.

When I get a new picture I will post it.

I plan to wait until I am at my goal weight

of 180 lbs. before I post another picture.

I am just 10lbs from that goal but they are the hardest.

So it may be awhile.


Still trying, looks like I have

hit a brick wall called


Summer is coming and my bike

is calling me... and I rode it for a few years... but alas my knees got the best of me.


 I write this Jan 5, 2015....
Sorry but I never did loose those last pounds I only got fatter and now my knees
want let me walk nor ride and I have gotten as fat as a town dog.  Getting old
is not for the week, nor timid, and the alternative is not to great either.

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or see Bike Trail Picture below

Current Events:

Wow, Winter has come and Gone with the Winter Olympics.

Now it's Spring and time to ride.

Cajun Humor by a Real Cajun Woman 

(a division of JANLO Services Publishing)

 Cajun Humor by a Real Cajun Woman 
Janet Foret Lococo, is a 100% pure Cajun, born, reared and still residing on the banks of Bayou Lafourche in Lafourche Parish. Lafourche Parish is located in the lower most area of southern Louisiana and is commonly called "Bayou Country."

Always a good storyteller, she has succeeded in humorously describing her life and her experiences as a Cajun that began in the 1930s in her first book "CAJUN WOMAN: Pure & Simple."

For more about her just click here, or her Banner above.

The Week of July 23rd-28th of 2001
We had Our House prepared
by LEE Seong Gu to be Vinylized
Ok, maybe that's not a real word but
he did spray a Liquid vinyl on
Our House and now is finished.
Now our home is

Home Sweet Home

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