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Prevention, is it worth a Pound of Cure?

Benefits of ... Fruits ... & Vegetables

Prevention, is it worth a pound of cure?

Many years ago I herd the statement that an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

After these many years I know how very true this statement is. One of the first and best things I did for my health was to quit smoking. I quit around 24 or 25 and I have truly been blessed by stopping when I did.

When my wife told me that being overweight like I was, was like somking a pack of cigarettes a day it finally hit home how bad my overweight problem was.

I have now lost 50 lbs and am feeling much better, my blood pressure is lower and my new found health habits of eating my fruits and vegetables looks to be the best way to reduce my chance of cancer in the future.

So yes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Know that, and make the right choices now to reduce your chances of cancer, NOW, not later, later may be too late!

Ok, update, Jan 5th 2015, I confess at age 66, my knees have quit on me, I detached the ligament in my right arm and even after having it successfully reattached I only have limited use of it as I tore a large part of my mussel up and damaged my rotator cuff.  I am now suffering from vertigo (for over 10 months now) so I am back to 220LBs and am very thankful I can get out of bed most days and function ok, but some days not so good.  I still believe this is good advise, but I can see it does not work too well when you can not exercise properly, or not at all, as in my case on some days.  At least I am still in remission.

Your Partner In Prevention
Vincy Tidwell Jr.
The Cajun Cowboy

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BARLEY: ..... Known as "heart medicine" in the Middle East. Has antiviral and anti-cancer activity. Contains potent anti- oxidants. Reduces cholesterol. Rejuvenates nerves and is good for the immune system. (Vitamin B12).

OATS: ..... Stabilizes blood sugar. Has estrogenic and anti- oxidant activities. Lowers cholesterol by binding fats in the blood stream. Natural fiber.

CABBAGE: ..... Contains numerous anti-oxidants. Speeds up estrogen metabolism. May block breast cancer and suppress the growth of polyps. Anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, antiviral. (Vitamin E).

CARROT: ..... A super source of beta carotene, a powerful anti-cancer, artery protecting, immune boosting, infection fighting anti-oxidant with wide protective powers. Decrease stroke, lung cancer in formerly heavy smokers. Decreases odds of degenerative eye disease and angina.

BROCCOLI: ..... Contains at least four anti-cancer substances: sulphoraphane, beta carotene, vitamin C, and indoles. Helps keep cholesterol levels steady and protects the heart. Contains as much calcium as milk. Has antiviral and anti-ulcer activity. A super source of chromium that helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. (Vitamin E).

BEET: ..... High in folic acid (anti-depressant). Prevents neural tube defects in infants. Contains iron, calcium, and potassium. Its rich mineral makeup enhances liver and gallbladder function, and builds blood corpuscles and cells. Stimulates the lymph glands. Anti-cancer. Removes fat and prevents sterility. (Vitamin E).

KALE: ..... Rich source of anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer nutrients of various types. More beta carotene than spinach. Ranks very high as a potential cancer preventive and all-around disease-fighting vegetable. (Vitamin E).

PARSLEY: ..... Anti-cancer due to high concentrations of anti-oxidants like monoterpenes, phthalide, polyacetylenes. May detoxify and neutralize carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Has diuretic activity, and may reduce accumulation of plaque in arteries and prevent unhealthy blood clotting .

SPINACH: ..... Anti-oxidant and cancer antagonists, Containing four times more carotene and three times more lutein than broccoli. Rich in fiber that helps control cholesterol.

TOMATO: ..... Major source of lycopene, which is the pigment that give the tomato the red color. Lycopene is a seemingly formidable deterrent to pancreatic cancer. The tomato is mostly water and fairly high in Vitamin A & C.

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APPLE: ..... A boron source which boosts blood level of estrogen that prevents calcium loss and bone demineralization. Boron increases mental alertness and brain activity. It can boost estrogen levels in postmenopausal women as much as an estrogen replacement therapy. Apples contain anti-cancer agents and reduce cholesterol and inflammation. (Vitamin A & C).

PRUNE: ..... A well known laxative. High in fiber, sorbitol and natural aspirin. Prunes in Juice Plus + have not been treated with sulfur.

CRANBERRY: ..... Strong antibiotic property that will prevent infectious bacteria from sticking to the cells lining the bladder and urinary tract, preventing recurring bladder infections. Antiviral.

DATE: ..... High in natural aspirin. Has laxative effect. Dried fruits are linked to lower rate of certain cancers, especially pancreatic cancer. A good source of boron. Date fiber fights colon cancer.

ORANGE: ..... A complete package of every class of natural cancer-inhibitor known; carotenoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Rich in anti-oxidant, vitamin C and beta carotene. Tied to lower rates of pancreatic cancer.

PECTIN: ..... Regulates your system.

PEACH: ..... A good source of boron. (See APPLE) Contains powerful anti-oxidants, vitamin C and beta carotene. Cleanser.

PINEAPPLE: ..... Suppresses inflammation. Both the fruit and a main constituent, an antibacterial enzyme called bromelain, are anti-inflammatory. Aids digestion. Helps dissolve blood clots and prevents asteoporosis and bone fractures because of its high manganese contents. Antibacterial and antiviral.

PLANT ENZYMES: .... Bromelain, papain, lipase, amylase, protease, cellulose.

PAPAYA: ..... Contains an enzyme called papin which is used as a remedy for digestive troubles.

CHERRIES: .... High In a natural chemical called salizylates (natural aspirin). Salizylates. has an anti-coagulant, anti- inflammatory, analgesic effect. They also may affect prostaglandin in ways that retards the growth of tumors.

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