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Deep Roots

We Shop at Deep Roots here in Greensboro, NC

and enjoy their healthful

selection of fine foods, fruits, produce and herbs.

Their Web Site Deep Roots Market. Com

(that's http://www.deeprootsmarket.com)

has some very good

articles on how to live a healthy life.

You can just go there and check out their information.

They are now located downtown at:

600 N Eugene St.

Greensboro, NC



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St John's UMC Banner
St. John's United Methodist Church of Greensboro, NC

Welcomes you to God's House
On Line @ www.stjohnsgreensboro.com

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If you're wondering what the air
or weather is like here in the
Gate City that's
Greensboro, North Carolina
just click on the
Greensboro Weather link
 in the left side column
One of the question you should always
ask about a city, even if your only
going to visit is.
How's the water?

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