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How to tame Windows Live Messenger Without removing it!

If you are like me you have never used Windows Messenger,  much less,  Live Messenger and  have no plans to ever use it.
However as any good Boy Scout, like I was, I like to be prepared, if I ever want to use it, so I leave it installed, but keep it
off my Desk Top.  If every time you turn on your computer you see this huge icon / menu and want to get rid of it just follow
these instructions:  You see the little "?" mark click it to see the menu bar  if you do not already see it.

Windows Live Messenger Menu

This will bring up the WLM menu  with the Options menu, see below:

WLM menu with options

Click "Show the menu bar" to bring up the Menu bar at the Top of the Icon.

Now you should see the WLM menu bar at the top as shown below:

WLM w Menu Bar

Now Click on the "Tools" selection:

WLM w Tools Options

Now Click the "Options" selection

WLM w Tools Options Selection

Now Click "Sign In" selection on the menu

WLM Tools Options Sign In

Now Click the two Check boxes under the General menu to remove the two choices.

WLM Tools Sign In Apply

Now Click "Apply", Click "Ok" and you are done. 
When you turn off the computer and back on again
or shift to another profile and back it should not be bugging you any more.
However you will have to do this for each and every profile.

I am no professional computer expert but I have been messing with computer since 1969 and have found
too many times that I new more than the so called experts.  I could not find a good answer for my question on
how to tame the Windows Live Messenger, so I had to come up with it, myself, it took a little looking but as you can
see this solution is one of the best.  I hope you enjoyed the info.  if it helped you e-mail me at Vincy_W_Tidwell@hotmail.com
and let me know.  Also please check out my other web pages, you will like them.

Ok, the newer updated Windows 7 Live Messenger is a little different but appling the above approach will still get you their.


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