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Men are such useless tools
Once they were used of the spirit
Then they were used of themselves
They used their hearts in love's shallow pools
They used their minds in wisdom's search
They used their life's blood in wars they fought
For God nor others, they gave no thought

They filled their hearts with loves lust
They filled their minds with greedy schemes
They filled their veins with drugs unclean
Then they died and returned to dust

The Holy Spirit of Christ even now can claim

any used tool to do his will and that's his aim
Even this useless tool he forged anew
to do his work and sing it everywhere
even to you.

Vincy W. Tidwell Jr.

The Cajun Cowboy

Copyright 2000-2015  Vincy William Tidwell Jr.


If you go to Poetry.com and put my name in the author search engine you will find the above Poem.

It was my only Publicly Published work until I started this Web Sites. I hope you like it.


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